Hello! I am

Semenar#7789 on Discord

I make incremental games in my spare time.

You can write me a letter to inbox@semenar.am.
Also, here is a link to my Discord server.

My projects

A slow-paced incremental game inspired by hardcore mods for Antimatter Dimensions.
Start with a single unit of Matter and gradually overcome numerous nerfs that are piling up on you.

You are an astronaut stranded in space. Your spaceship is unresponsive, and the only thing you have is the 3D printer that can turn energy into matter. Can you win the race against the supply of oxygen which depletes with your every click, and eventually escape?
Made for Summer Incremental Game Jam 2023 in cooperation with 3^3=7, IznirLafrite and Classified39.

A polynomial growth incremental game heavily inspired by Antimatter Dimensions that features updates. Get through all of the updates and turn your Darkness Dimensions into something else!
Made for Void Development Jam.

A game with procedurally-generated layers on a prestige binary tree.
Made for April Fools 2021 together with thepaperpilot#1210 (homepage).

An incremental meta-game about Incremental Game Jam 2 submissions.
Reach Infinite light by playing through different submitted games!

A submission for Incremental Game Jam 2 made in collaboration with DEMEMZEA#5151.
Create an energy company that can provide the electricity to light up the bustling city.
This project is finished, the total playtime until the end is about 6 hours.